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Crossroads was originally a seminar program presented back in 1997 at Berklee College of Music, by Petros Kourtis, who was invited to attend Berklee’s 2nd World Percussion Festival.

Crossroads as an ISA course is based on the musical polyphony and special rythmology characteristics of Greek Traditional Music which uses primarily the complex mixed meters, for the structure of triptych Music – Song - Dance.

Crossroads lights up and analyzes musical characteristics of each different area of the Greek territory, aiming at making them applicable in modern music forms.

The Crossroads project shows the students new directions, enriches their musical personality and above all, it teaches them that traditional world music hides a unique richness, that in the hands of talented musicians can inspire, transform and expand the musical ideology and aesthetic, which will be passed on the next generation.

Today  is taught to students of Berklee College, studying in Greece with the program International Studies Abroad ( Philippos Nakas Conservatory) in the modern section. Crossroads as  has traveled as a lecture at the European School of Luxembourg, in St. Petersburg under the 1st "Compass" Tap Festival and International. Has also taken the best reviews of thematic lecture by NY University students who visited Greece in 2006.

View the CD Booklet of Crossroads Project Vol. 1.

Crossroads CD Crossroads Project Vol. 1 CD
Insecure - Courtney Swain
The Don't See - Ricky Duran
Obsessive - Zoe Hilengas
Poor Stuttering Jones - Stoody Blackall
In Most Occurrences, It's Rare To Think
Anything Other Than Reverie - Michael R. Oldham   
Make It Right - Mia Verdoom
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