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Here are some holdings of the percussion group DrumVoice, for the year 2009: PESCARA Closing ceremony Mediterranean Games 2009 -  Thermopilia 2009 - Spartathlo 2009 -  New Years' Eve in Syntagma.

Motivated by the power of the pulse of the Greek instrument the daul, Petros Kourtis, conceptualised and introduced to the Greek market, a unique percussion group, DrumVoice.

The groove of DrumVoice is known to attract even the most passive of audiences. Their music is modern but based on traditional Greek music patterns. The distinctive sound of the daoul, its impressive shape, the modern forms of DrumVoice music, along with the musicians' movements all combine to create a powerful, impressive spectacle.

Since its inception in 2004, DrumVoice has performed in more than 100 cultural and special events in various venues such as the Zappion, Megaron Athens Concert Hall, Cycle-Racing Track of the Olympic Stadium, Badminton Theatre, General Stadium of Nicosia (Cyprus) and many more.

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