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Petros Kourtis is highly respected as an instructor in percussion and has deliver seminars, master classes and interactive workshops domestically and abroad.

Since 1994, Kourtis is the founder and head Music Professor of the percussion department at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory (affiliated with Berklee College of Music). He has written two instructional books on Percussion, published by Philippos Nakas. His methods have been adopted by most music colleges in Greece.

The course

More and more frequently, a set of percussion is being added to the rhythm section of modern music groups. The presence of percussion in any kind of music is extremely important. Classes are aimed at familiarizing students with a variety of rhythmic trends hitherto little known in Greece, and at throwing light on existing styles by offering an in-depth analysis and appreciation.
The course is split into eight levels: at the first four levels, classes are conducted either individually, each student being allocated 40 minutes per week or as a group (up to three people), with one hour per week. At the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th levels, all classes are individual.
From the 4th level onwards, students can attend the group percussion workshops, each of which has 6-month duration. At these Percussion Labs, students have the opportunity to carry out a detailed study of one of the following percussion families: Afro Cuban, Brazilian, and West African.
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Seminars - Master Classes

  • 8-13 /7/2013 Moysiki Sinaksi – Mani, Greece
  • 27/6/2013 - 7/7/2013 7th Tap Motif Summit – Lefkada , Greece
  • 20-23/4/2013 “Mediterranean Music Crossroads” Berklee College of Music, Valencia Mediterranean Music Institute.
  • 20-21/10/2012 Drums & Percussion Rhythm Weekend, Phillipos Nakas Conservatory, Greece
  • 27/6/2012 – 7/7/2012 Rhythm Summit by Motif – Lefkada, Greece
  • 24-26/4/2012 Berklee College of Music, Valencia Mediterranean Music Institute.
  • 26 – 28 /8/2011 “Days of Percussion” International festival by Percussive Arts Society Greece, Patras (Greece)
  • 30/6/2011 - 8/7/2011 Tap Motif rhythm summit, Lefkada (Greece)
  • 17/3/2011 - “Greece Mediterranean Crossroads,  Odd meters – Cotemporary view” Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, New Zealand
  • 5-12 July 2010 - “The sound of percussion: Crossroads Project”, Dimitris Desillas & Petros Kourtis, European Cultural Center of Delphi (GR).
  • 29 June – 8 July 2010 - “Rhythm summit by tapmotif”, Lefkada island (GR).
  • 28-30 May 2010 - “Compass Tap Fiesta in ST. Petersburg”, Russia.
  • 21 & 22/11/2009 -"Groovy Monsters" Petros Kourtis & Spyros Panayiotopoulos, Drum Fest 2009 - Philippos Nakas Conservatory (Greece)
  • 2-7/9/2008 -  Rythmology master class, 2nd International Tap Dancing Festival (Greece , Lefkada)
  • 24/5/2008- 2nd Afro - Cuban master class - Cultural center of Elefsina (Greece)
  • 4-10/9/2007 - Rythmology master class, 1st International Tap Dancing Festival (Greece, Lefkada)
  • 9/4/2006 - "Olympic Memories" - Nea Genia Ziridi College (Greece)
  • 22/1/2004 - Petros Kourtis Master Class - Dora Dtratou Dance Theatre (Greece)
  • 1/4/2004 - 1st Afro Cuban master class - Cultural center of Elefsina (Greece)
  • 1/5/2004 - Petros Kourtis Percussion Masterclass - Cultural Center of Elefsina (Greece)
  • 10 &11/6/2004 - 3rd Festival in the World Percussion"- Philippos Nakas Conservatory  (Greece)
  • 14/11/2004 - "Greece - The Crossroad of Sounds and Rhythms"- European School of Luxemburg. (Luxemburg)
  • Alkathia 2003 - "Greek percussion" (Greece)
  • 14/10/2000 - "Petros Kourtis & Kostas Vorisis", presentation of their books, Philippos Nakas Conservatory (Greece)
  • 5/10/2000 - "Greek Percussion, yesterday and tomorrow" Cotemporary Conservatory of Thessalonica - Petros Kourtis - Andreas Papas (Greece)
  • 1999 - Masterclass in the 4th Percussion Festival of Boston - Berckle College of Music (USA)
  • 1997 - Masterclass in the 2nd Percussion Festival of Boston - Berckle College of Music (USA)


"I Ellada ton Krouston tou Xthes kai tou Simera"

Learning & Exploring Darbuka Book One + CD
Description: Introduction, technique and exercises, rhythm analysis. Includes CD with 22 audio examples for easy practice
Pages: 113
Publisher: Philippos Nakas
Publisher code: W 389900003
ISMN/ISBN 960-290-515-8

Learning & Exploring Darbuka Book Two + CD
Description: Advanced exercises, fingering and progressive studies- Includes CD with 27 audio examples solo to practice with.
Pages: 248
Publisher: Philippos Nakas
Publisher code: W 389900008
ISMN/ISBN: M- 69150-177-1

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